Valencia Weather: November — Top Travel Tips for Valencia in November

Planning a trip to Valencia in November? Discover whether it’s the right time to visit and get insights into the Valencia weather. November is full of exciting things to do, so find out what to pack and get helpful travel tips to make the most of your fall time adventure!

A sunny photo of the Virgin's Square in Valencia in November.

Is November a good time to visit Valencia?

November can be a great time to visit Valencia! The weather is cool, but not super cold, and the city is less crowded than during the summer months. 

This makes it easier to explore the city, plus you’ll be able to find cheaper flights and hotel deals. So let’s dig into the pros and cons of visiting Valencia in November. 


  • Few crowds
  • Cheaper flights and hotels 
  • Comfortable daytime weather conditions


  • Averages 4 days of rain
  • Fewer special events and festivities

So if you’re looking to explore your heart out, November is a good option for your Valencia trip. Let’s dig deeper into what the weather’s like, what you should pack, things to do, and some extra travel trips to make the most of your holiday! 

Valencia Weather: November

Let’s do a deep dive into the Valencia weather. November brings us some cooler temperatures. While the daytime is still nice and pleasant, the nighttime temperatures drop down to heavy jacket levels (at least for those of us who have been spoiled by the warm Mediterranean sun). 

Now we’ll take a look at the specifics for the weather in Valencia in November to help you decide if it’s the right time for you. 


Valencia in November experiences fairly mild temperatures. 

The average high temperature hovers around 22.8°C (73°F), while the average low temperature drops to around 8.5°C (47.3°F). 

This means that though the days are pleasant, evenings can be cooler, so it’s a good idea to pack layers to stay warm. 

It also means that November is one of the best times to walk around in the sun during the day. You can explore the city and its gardens to your content, then enjoy sitting out on a terrasseta drinking up your wine to relax. 

All in all, this makes it a great time to enjoy the city. Especially as, comparatively, it never actually gets too cold in Valencia.  


October and November in Valencia are the rainy season. 

On average, there are approximately 4 rainy days, with a total precipitation of around 51mm (2 inches). 

So what does that mean for you? It’s probably a good idea to bring a compact umbrella or a rain jacket, just in case. 

But the good news is – the rainy season in Valencia isn’t actually all that rainy. With only 4 days of average rain, you still have high chances of great weather for your vacation. 

What to wear in Valencia in November

Now let’s get on to things you should be packing for Valencia in November. During the day, you’ll be fine with jeans and a t-shirt, but you’ll definitely want some extra layers for the evening. 

Here’s a quick packing list to consider:

  • T-shirts and jeans for daily wear
  • A jacket or sweater for evening wear
  • Comfortable walking shoes for exploring the city.
  • An umbrella or a compact rain jacket for occasional rain showers.

Note: Valencia can be a bit humid, which can make the cold feel more extreme. I always suggest bringing a coat if you don’t handle the cold well. It’s always better to be prepared!  

What to do in Valencia in November

La Federal - A great coffee shop to visit in Valencia in November

If you’re visiting Valencia, November is a great month to come. While you don’t have a ton of festivities or big events – the weather is nice, and it’s a pleasant time to explore the heart of the city. Let’s go over some of my suggestions for things to do in November, but make sure to check out my full guide for even more things! 

Tots Sants

Tots Sants, celebrated on November 1st, is All Saints’ Day, a public holiday in Valencia. 

For tourists in the city, there isn’t much for you to see. It’s a time for families to gather and remember their loved ones. The cemeteries become adorned with flowers and it’s a solemn day for the locals.

La Seu and other big churches might also have special masses to see. 

On the other hand – there is a big gastronomic tradition. Bakeries will make ossets de sant and panellets (Saint Bones and Little Pastries). These are tasty sweets made out of marzipan that you’ll definitely want to try! 

Watch this video from À Punt to get an insider look of the mouth-watering images.

La Fira Gastronòmica

Food lovers rejoice in November as La Fira Gastronòmica becomes a huge hit in the outskirts of the city. This gastronomic fair features specialities from all around the peninsula, allowing you to indulge in culinary delights from Valencia and beyond!

The gastronomic fair is one of my favorite things to do every year in the city. From wine tastings to live cooking shows – it’s a foodie’s dream! 

If you have at least 3 days in the city and would like to get a taste for some local treats – I’d definitely check it out. It’s also a great place to bring some tasty souvenirs home! 

Pro Tip: Make sure to check to official website to get tickets! You’ll also need to take the metro to get there, as it’s technically in Paterna – one town over. 

Explore the City and Surrounding Areas

One of the reasons I love November is the cooler temperatures. This makes city exploration a breeze! 

You can spend hours outdoors without getting exhausted from the Mediterranean sun. So I absolutely recommend taking advantage of the cooler weather to go on some adventures!

Here are some of my suggestions for outdoor activities:

Tips for traveling to Valencia in November

Ready to book that November trip to Valencia already? Here are some of my top tips to make sure you’re prepared for a fantastic trip! 

Prepare for the Weather

The weather in November starts to get fairly chilly. During the daytime, a sweater or light jacket will do, but when the sun goes down you’ll definitely want a thicker coat. 

Get cheaper deals

For the most part, November is the slow season for tourism. Except for the very first week, when you have a lot of domestic tourism, the rest of the month doesn’t get a lot of crowds. 

For you – this means cheaper flights and hotels. So here’s my recommendations for the best deals:

And if you’re planning on visiting during the weekend, almost all museums and monuments are free to visit on Sundays! So that’ll help you keep penny pinching. 

Is Valencia worth visiting in November?

Absolutely! Valencia in November offers relatively pleasant weather, fewer crowds, and lower rates on hotels and accommodations. 

When it comes to the Valencia weather, November isn’t nearly as cold as the rest of Europe. With mild temperatures, but a slight chance of rain – it’s one of the best destinations to choose for the month. 

Bon viatge!


Is November a good time to visit Valencia?

Yes, November is a great time to visit Valencia. The weather is mild, and you can enjoy pleasant days and the most important attractions without the summer crowds.

What is Valencia like in November?

Valencia in November is characterized by mild temperatures, occasional rain showers, and cultural traditions, providing a unique and enjoyable experience.

How warm is Valencia in November?

Valencia in November experiences average high temperatures around 22.8°C (73°F) during the day, creating a comfortable environment for travelers to explore the city.

Can you swim in November in Valencia?

Probably not. Most days, it won’t be warm enough to swim, and the water temperatures are starting to drop considerably. You can still go for a walk on the beach and boardwalk, though!

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