SafetyWing Review: Why It’s the Best Travel Insurance (Valencia, 2024)

In this SafetyWing Review, let’s talk about why you need travel insurance for your trip to Spain – and why this is my favorite option for it. So here’s my full review of SafetyWing Spain and why it’s one of the best options out there for tourists and digital nomads. 

What is SafetyWing?

SafetyWing is a travel medical insurance that was created by and for nomads. It works in over 180 countries and makes it easier to have comprehensive coverage for when the unexpected happens! 

Since it covers both emergency medical expenses and any travel hiccups, it’s my favorite option for people coming to Spain. 

Or, if you’re like me – for when I go back to the US.  

It’s flexible, reliable, and affordable. And if you’re traveling long-term, they offer automatic monthly subscriptions so you don’t need to worry about anything at all!

So now, let’s dig a little deeper into this SafetyWing review and talk about why I recommend it as the best travel insurance for Valencia, Spain. 

Travel Insurance vs Travel Medical Insurance

Quick caveat – what’s the difference between a travel insurance and a travel medical insurance? 

Travel insurance only covers travel-related issues. Cancelled flights, baggage loss, hotel mistakes, etc. 

But Travel Medical Insurance covers all of that, PLUS trips to the hospital. 

Here’s a quick example

Let’s say you’re on your last day in Valencia, so you decide to go for a walk around the city. Since you’re looking up at the stunning façades – you trip, twist your ankle, and have to go to the hospital.

And since it takes so long – you miss your flight. 

Well in this situation, a Travel Insurance might help you reschedule your flight. 

But a Travel Medical Insurance (SafetyWing) will cover your hospital bill, get you on a new flight, and help with accommodations in the meantime. 

Which is exactly why I recommend going for the latter. 

Do I need travel insurance for Spain?

Unless you are an EU citizen, I highly recommend going for a travel medical insurance. Spain has a fantastic healthcare system that is free for taxpayers. 

But if you’re not paying into that system… well, it’s not free for you

So I always recommend getting a travel medical insurance for Spain. SafetyWing offers a great policy that starts for as low as $42. 

You could always risk it. That’s 100% up to you, there is no legal obligation to get travel insurance. 

But personally, I’m not a gambler. I’d rather pay a small fee to have peace of mind (and to cover those expensive “what-if” situations). 

SafetyWing Travel Insurance Review

Now let’s talk more specifically about this SafetyWing review. I’ll mention my thoughts on the program, provide some details about travel insurance in Valencia, and help you figure out if it’s right for you. 

Pros & Cons

Compared to many other programs, SafetyWing is a flexible and affordable option. So let’s look at what I think are the pros and cons of the Nomad Insurance:


  • Low rates starting at $45/month
  • Flexible options – can book mid-trip
  • Worldwide coverage
  • 24/7 support
  • Includes both travel and medical expenses
  • Great for longer trips 


  • Premiums vary on a case-by-case basis 
  • More expensive for trips to the US
  • Increases by age
  • Doesn’t cover adventure sports 
  • Doesn’t cover stolen goods in the base package

Overall, I think the pros outweigh the cons for most travelers. Although I do wish that they would cover pickpocketing, as that’s one of the biggest concerns for international travelers.  It’s offered as an add-on, but not in the normal rate.

But if you’re coming to Valencia, then this shouldn’t be an issue. It’s a very safe city, so with a normal amount of caution, you don’t need to worry about it. 


The pricing on SafetyWing makes it one of the best options for travelers and digital nomads. They offer monthly insurance packages that are cheaper than what most people in the US pay for their normal healthcare. 

Which is exactly why I always book SafetyWing whenever I go back to the US. 

Typically, rates start at around $45. For the less-young travelers, the rates go up. 

Since I still fall in the 30-39 age category, it’s quite affordable. But I do wish the rates didn’t vary so much by age, even if it is an industry standard. 

I still consider it to be one of the cheapest travel insurance options out there. Even if different factors affect the pricing. 

COVID-19 Coverage

As of 2023, Spain no longer requires proof of vaccination. COVID-19 Travel restrictions were lifted. 

But in case something does happen, SafetyWing provides COVID-19 coverage, including help with a quarantine if necessary! 

– As of the time of writing, January 2024. 

SafetyWing Spain

Basically, if you’re coming to anywhere in Europe – then SafetyWing is a great option for travel medical insurance. 

Specifically in Spain, it can be a great option to cover any emergency medical bills or flight cancellations. 

Valencia isn’t a dangerous city. The water is safe to drink, it’s not at all mountainous, and there isn’t much crime.  

But it isn’t uncommon to hear about visitors getting a heatstroke. Especially if you’re not used to the heat, some travelers will underestimate that Mediterranean sun. 

And since most people end up flying into Madrid, then coming to Valencia – it’s even more likely that your luggage gets lost along the way. 

So while it’s easy to imagine a smooth, stress-free vacation … sometimes things happen. And personally, I’d rather be prepared. 


I have nothing but praise for the flexibility with SafetyWing’s policies. 

✔️ You can choose the timeframe you’re visiting. 

✔️ You can set up an automatic subscription. 

✔️ You can choose optional add-ons. 

✔️ You can book the insurance mid-trip. 

✔️ Your coverage rolls over for different countries. 

So if you’re going on a European adventure, or you decide to go live abroad for a while – this makes it the perfect option. 

Plus, the policy covers unexpected cancellation. So if something awful happens and you need to cancel your trip immediately and head back home – SafetyWing will cover that. 

Which honestly, is a huge relief, especially after COVID-19. 

Is SafetyWing right for you?

Okay, the most important question in my SafetyWing Review. Should you actually get it?

Here’s how I’d break it down for you. 

If you’re traveling for more than a month, or to multiple countries: Yes, absolutely. No doubt about it – it’s such a comfort for a really low price. 

If you’re a digital nomad: Yes, absolutely. It’s the most affordable travel medical insurance out there, with flexible options. 

If you’re only traveling for 1-2 weeks and aren’t from Europe: Maybe, leaning towards probably. I would feel more comfortable with it, but you could risk it. 

If you’re only traveling for 1-2 weeks, and you’re from Europe: Probably not. In this case, it’s unlikely to be worth it, as most countries have a health card that offers at least partial coverage in Spain. If you’re someone who is prone to losing their suitcase – then I would consider it. 

In other words – SafetyWing is the right choice for most people. But of course, nothing is perfect for everybody! Make sure to look through their policy and see if they cover what you’re looking for. 

SafetyWing Reviews

I always think that it’s a great idea to look at real-world experience from fellow travelers. Both the good and the bad. 

They have a 4.1-star rating on Trustpilot, which is pretty good for a brand in the insurance industry. 

From what I’ve seen, most people talk about how great the customer service is. Which is always a plus, especially when dealing with international troubles. 

And for the negative side – most of the complaints come from people who got their coverage denied from pre-existing conditions OR had the reimbursement take a while. 

So I definitely recommend making sure that the specific policy works well for you – and that you’re okay with a reimbursement that isn’t instant. 

But those negative reviews are relatively few, so you should always take any review with a grain of salt! 

SafetyWing Alternatives

So overall, I would say that SafetyWing is a great option for most travelers, especially for any digital nomads out there. 

But it’s always a great idea to do some shopping around! So here’s a list of some alternatives to SafetyWing that you could look into:

My Experience Using SafetyWing

So I’ve been using SafetyWing for a lot of my trips, especially before I had access to the Spanish healthcare system. 

Now that I do – I always book it for my trips back to the US, since I’m no longer a resident there. 

And something that is great for me – but not necessarily great for this post – is that I haven’t had to file any claims. 

Which is really bittersweet, now that I am a traveler blogger. So as of January 2024 – I haven’t needed to file any claims. But if (or probably when), I’ll be sure to update this with my full experience using SafetyWing. 

But the ONE time I didn’t use SafetyWing, my flight to Dusseldorf got cancelled. Luckily, I was able to use Airhelp to get my money back. 

Although, I really kicked myself in the leg for not booking SafetyWing that time. But you know, that’s life. 

And that’s exactly why I encourage planning for the unexpected … 

The Verdict: It’s the Best Travel Insurance for Valencia

After dozens of hours researching just about every travel medical insurance out there – I can safely say that SafetyWing is the best option for most people. 

While it’s not perfect, I believe it offers the best flexibility and rates for people visiting Europe – specifically Spain. 

So if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable way to cover all of those “what-if” situations, then SafetyWing is the perfect choice for you. 

Because it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

And don’t forget to check out my other resources for planning your trip:


Do I need travel insurance for Spain?

It’s not required, but I do recommend getting travel medical insurance if you’re coming from outside of Europe. 

How much is SafetyWing travel insurance? 

Their rates usually start at around $45 for a full month of coverage, with prices changing depending on a variety of factors. 

Can you cancel SafetyWing insurance easily?

Yes, it’s super easy to cancel the insurance. Just log into the portal to do so. 

Is SafetyWing legit?

Yes, they are a trusted brand. They were founded by digital nomads and work best supporting nomads and travelers!

What countries are covered?

You can travel to almost any country in the world, with fewer than 10 restricted areas. It does not cover your home country. 

Need help planning your trip to Valencia?

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