Is Valencia Expensive to Visit? Travel Budget for Valencia, Spain (2024)

Let’s look at a realistic Valencia travel budget to help you answer the question – Is Valencia expensive to visit? Because at the end of the day, it really depends on each traveler’s preferences, style, and personal budget. In this article, we’ll go through how much it costs for an average traveler to visit the city, as well as some tips to save money while visiting. 

Average Valencia Travel Budget

The average couple will spend around €500 for a weekend in Valencia. This includes lodging, multiple meals out, and typical entry to museums. This does not include flight costs. 

It can change slightly depending on the time of year, how much you’re eating out, and what types of activities you’re looking forward to doing. 

In Valencia, prices will rise a bit from June–August, as well as in March due to Les Falles festival. So you can expect to pay more for lodging during that time. 

Average Travel Budget Breakdown for Valencia

Let’s look at a quick example for prices in Valencia. Spain is relatively affordable overall, but there are some expenses we can’t overlook. In this example, the numbers here are per couplenot per person

So here is a Valencia travel budget for one weekend in May. 

Average Hotel (Friday–Saturday)€280–350
2 Dinners Out w/ Drinks€90–130
1 Nicer Lunch (Paella)€50–70
2 Quick/Cheap Lunches€40–60
Entry to Cathedral€18
Public Transport€9

Now of course, this is just an example. Your budget may go up if you choose fancier restaurants or guided activities. And it may go down if you decide to eat out less frequently or stay in low-budget hotels. 

So take this as a loose guide for a Valencia travel budget. 

Prices in Valencia (Spain)

Let’s look at how expensive Valencia is by breaking down each section of the budget. 

This way, you are able to plan your travel expenses more realistically. Overall, Valencia is not an expensive destination for most foreign tourists – however prices have risen in recent years. Due to inflation, gentrification, and a rise in cost of living — tourists can expect to pay about 30% more than what they would have pre-COVID. 

So if you check out any other resources – make sure they’re up to date! 

Now let’s look at a breakdown of the prices in Valencia, Spain:


Rates for hotels can vary quite a lot. It depends on your location, the quality of the hotel, and the time of year. 

I am basing these numbers on an average 3–4 star hotel in La Ciutat Vella – the historic center. So if you want a more luxury stay, you can expect higher rates. 

But in general, this is what you can expect to pay for a weekend trip in Valencia: 

  • Averages €300 for Friday–Sunday in August
  • Averages €250 for Friday–Sunday in February

So during the high season, it’s about 16% more expensive. 

➡️ Read my guide on Where to Stay for more details and tips. 

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Maybe this is just me – but food always ends up being my second-biggest travel cost (after the hotel). 

But of course, heading over to a nice sit-down restaurant isn’t the same as grabbing a pre-made sandwich from a grocery store. 

So here is a quick breakdown of how much you can expect to pay for food in Valencia. 

  • Cheap Takeaway – €6–12 per person
  • Low Cost Tapas – €10–12 per person
  • Average Restaurant – €18–20 per person
  • Nicer Restaurant – €23–30 per person
  • Michelin-Star – €60–200 per person
  • Coffee – Around €2
  • Baked Goods – €2–5 per item

➡️ Check out my Restaurant Guide to find the best places to eat. 

Note: You’ll find some coffee shops that sell drinks that are €5+. These are 100% tourist traps. 


Is Valencia expensive to visit? Well – the museums certainly aren’t! 

The majority of museums around the city only cost €2, with many of them being free. And almost all the museums are free to visit on Sundays!

However, there are a few notable exceptions: 

  • The Cathedral – €9
  • Sant Nicolau – €11
  • Oceanogràfic (Aquarium) – €40.70
  • Museu de les Ciències (Science Museum) – €9

I believe the Cathedral is absolutely a must-visit. But the other museums are more up to your preferences! If you want to keep your Valencia travel budget low, then you can skip them. But if you’re traveling with kids or really love aquariums, then you might want to splurge on the Oceanogràfic. 

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Overall, public transport in Valencia is quite affordable. The metro and bus systems both work well and aren’t very expensive. 

If you get the SUMA 10 metro card, it is only €8 for 10 trips, and you can use the same card for multiple people. You just each need to scan the card. 

Or if you go with the Valencia Tourist Card, you can spend €23 per person to get unlimited transport — plus a ton of other discounts and free entry to some museums. 

➡️ Learn more about the Public Transport in Valencia

➡️ See if the Valencia Tourist Card is right for you.

Other Activities

Finally, you may decide to plan some additional activities while you’re staying in the city. From guided tours to heading out on a yacht – the sky is the limit. 

So here are a couple of the most common activities people sign up for: 

At the end of the day – these activities really depend on what you’re most excited about during your stay in Valencia. 

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How Much Does it Cost to Travel to Valencia Throughout the Year?

When it comes to the question of “how expensive is Valencia” … well, that can change seasonally! 

Prices in Valencia can change quite a bit throughout the year, especially when it comes to lodging. 

The most expensive times to visit are:

  • March 1–20
  • Late May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • Early September

Naturally, the summer months are more expensive for tourists visiting this Mediterranean gem. 

This also means that prices on flights and trains can change quite a bit. In general, I recommend booking your flight at least 6 months in advance for the best results. 

You can expect to spend around €700 to fly to Valencia during peak season (suitcase included). But this drops down to an average of €400-500 during off season

Since I often fly to/from the US to visit my family, I’m no stranger to looking for flights. You can read my guide on how I find the cheapest flights to Valencia

Valencia on a Budget

Want to stretch that Valencia travel budget as much as possible? Here are my top tips to have a cheap holiday in Valencia, Spain. 

  1. Stay at hostels or outside the city center. Areas like Extramurs and Saïdia, are close to the center, but still at a good price. 
  2. Eat at a kebab. These are low-cost takeaway places that are great for a quick meal. 
  3. Try the Valencia Tourist Card. For most travelers, you’ll end up saving money. 
  4. Book early! Seriously – this will make the biggest difference in your budget. 
  5. Avoid tourist traps. Lots of restaurants on the main streets are overpriced and not worth it. 

Valencia Travel Resources

I hope this Valencia Travel Budget Guide can help you plan your next trip to the city. Whether you’re looking for a luxury vacation or you’d like to backpack your way through Spain, this guide can help you plan out your expectations the right way. 

If you have any questions – just reach out to me here!

Bon viatge

Other Resources:


Is Valencia Expensive to Visit?

Valencia is a relatively inexpensive city, especially compared to many places in Western Europe. Expect to spend around €200 per person for a weekend trip. 

Are Hotels Expensive in Valencia?

Hotels are around €300 for a 2-night stay on the weekend in Valencia. During off season, they are around €250. You can also find more affordable hotels by staying outside the city center, or find more luxurious hotels for higher prices. 

Is it Expensive to Backpack in Valencia?

It is not expensive to backpack in Valencia. Hostels are around €30–40 per night, with cheaper options available. You can also find food for quite cheap at local bakeries, grocery stores, and some takeaway restaurants. 

How Expensive is a Weekend Trip in Valencia?

The average couple should expect to spend €500 for a weekend in Valencia. This is assuming a decent hotel, multiple meals out, and paid entrance to some museums. 

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