Is Valencia Safe to Visit? A Guide to Travel Safety in Spain

Is Valencia safe to visit? Spain overall is a very safe country to visit! In this article, let’s talk about how safe of a city Valencia is, as well as some top safety tips for different types of travelers! 

Valencia Safety Overview

Overall, Valencia is a safe city to visit.

Both tourists and residents enjoy a relatively peaceful lifestyle, with violent crimes being pretty rare. 

Naturally, tourists can take some basic precautions when traveling to avoid common scams. Partygoers should also be a bit cautious in areas they’re unfamiliar with. But overall – these are just standard safety rules you should follow for any new city. 

This guide will help you stay prepared as a tourist – and learn where to stay during your trip to Valencia.

So let’s look at some more details into how safe Valencia is. 

Valencia Crime Rate

The good news is that — in general — Spain has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. And out of the big cities, Valencia experiences a much lower crime rate. Especially compared with Madrid or Barcelona, Valencia is much safer. 

There were 23210 robberies in 2022, according to the National Institute for Statistics. Compare that with the city of Barcelona which has around double that number!  

And according to surveys, 87% of people feel safe during the day, with 70% safe walking alone at night. (Source: Numbeo)

Valencia has a 72.46 on the Safety Index, which is quite a high level of safety for a big city. For reference – New York City only has a Safety score of 49. 

So you can say that overall, Valencia is a safe city. 

Solo Travelers

Valencia is a great city of solo travelers. With plenty of hostels, lots of free activities and museums, and a welcoming atmosphere – you’ll have a great time here! 

As a solo traveler, you should be careful to avoid getting pickpocketed in touristy areas. But besides that – there are no major concerns! 

Solo Female Travelers

Valencia is recognized as a safe city for solo female travelers. People generally have a friendly attitude, and it is easy to meet up with other travelers. 

If you are coming to any major events (festivals, holidays, etc.) – keep an eye out for the Punt Violeta. This “Purple Point” is a group dedicated to women’s safety during festivals and parties. They typically hand out safety pamphlets, provide a safe space, and push for awareness. 

LGBTQ+ Travelers

Valencia is a safe city for LGBTQ+ folks. While the gay scene isn’t as large as in Madrid, it is a very welcoming atmosphere. You’ll see same-sex couples openly holding hands, and the Russafa neighborhood is especially known for having queer-friendly spaces. 

Spain was one of the very first countries to legalize same-sex marriage, and currently has some of the strongest self-identity laws in the world. Spain ranked #1 in the world for acceptance of homosexuality in a 2013 study.  

I’ve lived here with my husband since 2018 and have never had any negative experiences personally. That said – hate crimes against trans folks have risen slightly since the right-winged party took office. However, this is a Europe-wide problem and not limited to Valencia. 

Safest Neighborhoods in Valencia

Now, let’s look at individual neighborhoods. Because when you need to answer the question how safe is Valencia? – That can depend on the area you’re in. 

First, let’s look at some of the most popular neighborhoods that are also considered safe. 

➡️ Read my full neighborhood guide here


This is a small neighborhood right outside the city center. It’s great for people looking for a peaceful area to sleep. 

It’s generally a very safe area. This is the neighborhood I live in and I’ve never had any problems whatsoever. You may occasionally run into an unhoused person, but this is in no way a safety issue. 

So if you want a more relaxed stay, this is a safe neighborhood to book a hotel

La Ciutat Vella

The Old Town is obviously where the majority of scams and pickpocketing take place. 

Regardless, I’d still consider it a safe area. Because violent crimes and robberies are incredibly rare. So as long as you’re taking basic safety precautions, you’ll be completely fine. 

There are many bars and clubs in La Ciutat Vella, so you’ll frequently see people walking home late into the morning. And with well-lit streets, this gives people a general sense of safety. Personally, I was really shocked at how safe I’ve felt walking home at 4 am. 


Russafa is another one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city. Overall, this trendy area is quite safe as well. There is an active nightlife and you’ll always see people walking around. 

On the outskirts of this area, there are a few streets that seem a bit sketchy. But regardless, it isn’t an unsafe area to be in. 

It’s a nice neighborhood to stay in, especially if you’re looking for some nightlife or traveling solo. 


Benimaclet is very much a locals-only area. Not that tourists are unwelcome, but that this is where a lot of Valencians will go to get a drink. 

It’s pretty far away from the city center and is close to the university, which also helps. While Benimaclet is generally safe, it is starting to get close to the outskirts of the city. So I’d be careful of your surroundings, especially if you’ve never been to this area before. 

Areas to Avoid

Now, let’s talk about which areas of Valencia to avoid. Because even though Valencia is a safe city, there are some areas that I would not recommend for tourists. 

So here are some neighborhoods that you might want to consider skipping:


Basically, any of the neighborhoods on the very edge of the city. These areas tend to have a slightly higher crime rate. This is connected to the lower socioeconomic status of these neighborhoods. 

A few examples would include:

  • Malilla
  • Tres Forques
  • Benicalap
  • Orriols
  • Natzaret
  • Camí de Vera

And to be completely honest – even parts of Cabanyal (the beach area) are less safe than other areas of the city. This neighborhood has improved a lot over the last 20-ish years, but it still has a bad reputation. 

Be careful at the beach

At the Valencia beach – you’re generally quite safe. You don’t have to worry about any physical altercations or anything. 

However, don’t leave your belongings unattended. It’s relatively common for some people to lose their phone or bag here. 

For example – if you leave your phone on the table while going to the bathroom, it could get swiped. Or if you head into the water and leave your things unattended, they might not be there when you get back!

This isn’t a huge risk. But these types of situations do happen to tourists more frequently, so it’s important to be extra careful. 

Common Scams

Now let’s take a look at some of the most common scams in the city. Every European city is known for having some sort of scam. 

That’s just a part of tourism, after all. 

So how safe is Valencia when it comes to these scams? Well, pretty safe! But let’s go over some of the most common scams so you don’t get caught up in any trouble. 

People offering flowers

One of the most common scams in Valencia is people who will try to sell you flowers. 

There are two versions of this. 

The first one is someone who will outright ask for a few euros for a rose. I suppose this one isn’t really a scam, but rather just someone who tries to sell flowers to tourists. There’s no real danger here, as its just usually more of a nuisance than anything. 

However, there’s a second type where people will try to hand you flowers or rosemary. They’ll try to force it into your hands, and then grab your wrist and demand money. If you don’t give them money, then they’ll start yelling/cursing at you. 

My general advice – don’t take anything that people hand you. Fight that instinct to reach your hand out when someone tries to give you something. 

Selling random items

Another common scam is people who are selling random items. These are usually bracelets, lighters, etc. 

This is similar to the flower sellers. They’ll try to pressure tourists a bit more, but you can just say No or ignore them until they stop. 

Again, there’s no real danger here – it’s just annoying. 


This is the biggest concern for tourists in Valencia. 

While pickpocketing isn’t nearly as bad as it is in somewhere like Barcelona – it still does happen. 

Especially during festivals, parties, and in crowded areas, it’s possible to get pickpocketed. So make sure you’re being aware of your surroundings. 

I feel like this is just a basic safety tip that would work for anywhere in the world. It’s not that this is a major problem – but pickpocketers tend to aim for tourists. So you want to be just a bit more careful than normal. 

Best safety tips for Valencia

Valencia during New Years. A good example of heavy crowds where you should be careful of your belongings.

Let’s move on to talking about how you can keep yourself safe in Valencia. Spain is generally quite safe for travelers, but if you’ve never gone abroad before – it’s important to learn some basic tips. 

So here are some specific safety tips for Valencia. 

Be wary of your surroundings

Of course you’re busy looking at monuments, buildings, and all of the beautiful architecture. 

But it’s important to pay attention to your immediate surroundings, too. There will always be people that take advantage of tourists – especially since you’re bound to stand out a bit. 

This is also relevant on the metro and other forms of public transportation. I personally haven’t heard of anyone getting pickpocketed on the metro – but I’d generally recommend being careful in any city’s subway system. 

So do your best to keep a close eye on your belongings.

Don’t put your phone in your back pocket

This is something that I see many Americans do – and it’s a big mistake

When you’re traveling in Europe, never put your cell phone in your back pocket. It’s the fastest way to get it stolen. 

This is because it stands out, and it’s easy to steal without you noticing. So break this habit before coming to Valencia!

Be careful during Les Falles

While Les Falles is such a unique and exciting experience – it’s also the biggest influx of tourists. With more than a million people visiting, there’s a much higher chance to get pickpocketed. 

Not to mention the constant partying, fireworks, and dense crowds – it’s the perfect combination to have something get stolen. 

So just be extra careful during Les Falles. Again, it’s not a major concern. But you should be just a bit more cautious. 

Ignore scammers

My number one safety tip for Valencia is this. Just ignore people. 

Seriously – from scammers trying to sell you things, to people getting you to sign up for their charity… 

None of it can affect you if you just look forward and keep on walking. 

If you want to be nice, you can always say “no gràcies”, and just keep on going. 

It’s simple, effective, and to the point. 

Stay safe in Valencia!

So is Valencia safe to visit? Absolutely. 

It’s one of the safest places in Europe. So while you should do some standard things to keep yourself safe, there isn’t any huge concerns in the city. 

Keep an eye on your surroundings, don’t talk to scammers, and enjoy your trip to the city!


Is Valencia a safe city?

Yes, Valencia is a safe city. It has a safety index of 72, which makes it a very safe city for travelers. 

What are the most common scams in Valencia?

The most common scams in Valencia are people trying to sell you flowers. Just ignore them, tell them No, and never hold anything they try to give you. 

Is Valencia safe for solo and female travelers?

Definitely. Valencia is a great destination for solo or female travelers thanks to its safety, welcoming atmosphere, and friendly people. 

Is Valencia safe at night?

Yes! Valencia is very well lit at night, and is generally safe at night. 

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