Where to Stay in Valencia, Spain [2024]

Let’s talk about where to stay in Valencia for your trip in 2024. Whether you’re coming as a family or a solo budget traveler – I’ve got a recommendation for you in this full-length guide. We’ll talk about the best neighborhoods to stay in Valencia, as well as some specific hotel recommendations. If you already know you’re coming to the city, then make sure to read this guide for the best places to stay in 2024!

Best Places to Stay in Valencia, Spain

With so many great neighborhoods in Valencia, it can be hard to choose where the best place to stay would be. Most of the time – it just comes down to your preferences and travel style. 

So in this guide, we’ll be going in-depth on the best neighborhoods to stay in Valencia, plus some considerations for each of them. And if you’ve been eyeing that hotel with views to the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències… well you might want to keep reading to know why I definitely DON’T recommend doing that. 

If you don’t have time to read – let me give you a quick list. Overall, here are the best places to stay in Valencia:

Now, let’s look a little bit deeper into where to stay in Valencia, plus some great options for different types of travelers. 

And if that’s not enough – feel free to read through my full neighborhood guide for more information.

Let’s get started!

El Carme

El Carme is the best place to stay in Valencia for the majority of travelers.

The central location, the convenience of public transport to most areas of La Ciutat Vella, and the charm of the area make it appealing. 

You get quick access to the Mercat Central (Central Market), La Llotja, and the Cathedral. The pedestrian-only streets make it easy for exploring and really taking in that European city-vibe. 

The hotels listed above would be my suggestion for the majority of travelers. Then, if you’re coming with a family, Citizentral Juristes is an option to get apartment-style lodging. 

And if you’re looking for hostels, then I would suggest looking through HostelWorld for the best options. 

Here are some pros and cons of staying in El Carme:


  • Very centric
  • Plenty of hotel options for any budget
  • Close to most major monuments
  • Many dining options
  • Charming area 


  • Noisier at night
  • Some areas are slightly farther away from metro 
  • Bigger crowds 
  • Chaotic during Falles


Russafa - Where to Stay in Valencia

Russafa is the best place to stay for nightlife. 

This trendy neighborhood is known for its modernist façades, eclectic cafes, and a thriving cultural scene. 

While this neighborhood is great to enjoy during the day, I really recommend this area for anyone looking for an exciting nightlife. After 8pm, the atmosphere completely changes into a vibrant, bustling area. 

However, the biggest downside to Russafa is the public transport. There are much fewer options, with only 1 metro line that isn’t very well-connected. Although it is close to the Estació de Nord (the main train station). 

But if your priority is enjoying the nightlife and keeping your hotel close by – then this is the spot for you. The Petit Palace Ruzafa is a top-rated mid-range hotel in the area. 

Here are the pros and cons of staying in Russafa (called Ruzafa in Spanish):


  • Very aesthetic neighborhood
  • Tons of great dining options
  • Strong nightlife 
  • Ideal for young travelers or people looking to socialize


  • Less convenient public transport
  • Louder at night
  • More expensive
  • Hotels sell out quickly

El Cabanyal

El Cabanyal is the best place to stay for the beach. 

This seaside neighborhood is characterized by colorful houses, a lively atmosphere, and proximity to the beach. If you’re looking purely for a beach vacation – then this is the area for you. 

The most famous lodging here is the luxury hotel Las Arenas Balneario. It’s the enormous resort you’ll see on the boardwalk. 

The rest of the hotels are all average price, mostly being touristic apartments within the Cabanyal neighborhood. Here, I can’t give a specific recommendation, so I’d just scroll through them on Booking and check to see which one looks like the nicest to you. 

Honestly, they’re all about the same – so I think it comes down to your style and the price point for your dates. 

However – this is not where to stay in Valencia for your first time. It takes around 40 minutes to get from the beach to the city center with public transport. So it’s inconvenient if you’re planning on seeing the city, too.


  • Beautiful, traditional neighborhood
  • High-end resort available
  • Quick access to the beach 
  • Great spot for paella and an esmorzar


  • Far away from city center
  • Fewer hotel options
  • Not as many things to do 

El Botànic

El Botànic is the best place to stay for families and peace and quiet.

This neighborhood is just one street away from the city center. However, that one street of separation provides a level of relaxation that many people will appreciate. In general, the nights will be quieter and you can often find cheaper rates here. 

Unfortunately, there are fewer options as it is a small neighborhood. But for families or for people looking to stay outside of the hustle and bustle – this is one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Valencia. 

I also recommend this neighborhood because of its proximity to the Àngel Guimerà metro station that takes you directly to the airport! So if you’re using public transport, this is a huge convenience. 

And if you’re looking to enjoy the Túria Gardens, you can just walk straight down Carrer de Túria and you’ll be there in minutes. 


  • 5 minutes away from center 
  • Close to metro with direct line to airport
  • Sometimes cheaper 
  • Quiet neighborhood (exception: during Les Falles) 


  • Fewer options to choose from 
  • Less convenient for nightlife

Other Notable Options

Naturally, these aren’t the only options available to stay in Valencia. In case the previous options don’t fit your dates or your needs, here are some other choices:

Tips for Staying in Valencia

If you’re looking for where to stay in Valencia for the first time, or you just want to know which neighborhood is best for you – then let’s go through some tips

Because I see a lot of people get misguided by hotels that call themselves “centric”. And then you end up walking 40 minutes to get to the actual nice parts of the center. 

So as you’re looking for the best neighborhood to stay in Valencia, follow my top tips for finding a hotel

Look at the Map

Valencia is made up of concentric circles, which makes it usually quite easy to get to the center. 

But that also makes it difficult to get to areas on the opposite side of the circle, especially if you need to take the bus. 

So my recommendation is to stick to the areas I mentioned. And if you want to venture out further, stick to the other neighborhoods within the same circle. 

Because let me be honest with you. 

Don’t stay right in front of the City of Arts and Sciences or in the Quatre Carreres neighborhood. You’re going to be doing a LOT of traveling to get anywhere else in the city. 

And sure, the public transport is great. But it’s not so expansive that you can get around super easily on a whim. You’ll need to do some planning if you don’t want to end up waiting at the bus stop for 20+ minutes. 

So pay attention to the map – and feel free to email me if you have any questions! 

Use Public Transport

Okay, I realize I just complained a bit about the public transport near the City of Arts and Sciences. 

But the truth is – the public transport is usually great in Valencia

Especially if you need to get to the airport or the city center

It’s easy to use, it’s affordable, and is way more convenient than renting a car just to stay in the city. 

So make sure to take advantage of the public transport for your trip to Valencia. 

Stay Inside the City

While the beachfront locations are nice and surrounded towns can have their own charm – I’d highly recommend staying towards the city center. 

It’s much more convenient in terms of lodging, transport, and dining. 

If you’re staying long-term, then perhaps that’s different. But I would suggest staying in a central location to make your life easier AND to get the full appeal of the city. 

Because sure. If you’re coming for work or for a conference – you could stay in Beniferri or in one of those large hotels nearby the Palau dels Congressos

But you’re not going to enjoy any of your free time, especially in the evening. 

So unless you have a very specific reason – I don’t recommend staying at the beach, in nearby towns, or in the outskirts of the city. 

I mean, you’re coming to Valencia. So enjoy it! 

Pay Attention to the Dates

The dates for your visit are super important. 

Because of course, it will be more expensive during the summer. And Easter/Christmas breaks will also go up just a tad. 

But you need to pay attention to the local festivals, namely Les Falles. This holiday takes place from March 14th–19th. Although in truth, the entire city is radically transformed for most of March

Constant partying, large-scale events, enormous crowds.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s an amazing festival to take part in. But just don’t expect to come to Valencia in March for “off season”. With more than 1 million tourists visiting, the city gets packed. 

So just like you should for any travel destination – make sure you check to see when the best times to visit are. 

Valencia — The Best Place to Stay

The best place to stay in Valencia ultimately depends on your interests and preferences. Whether you prefer the historic charm of La Ciutat Vella (The Old Town) or you’re looking purely for a beach escape – that’s up to you. 

This guide should give you some insight on where to stay in Valencia. But naturally, if you have any questions at all – I’m always happy to help. Just reach out and I’ll give you some advice! 

And if you want to do some extra research, check out these posts for more information:


Where is the Best Place to Stay in Valencia (First Time)?

For first-time visitors, El Carmen offers a perfect introduction to Valencia’s history and culture. It has plenty of accommodation options in the Ciutat Vella (Old Town) and is easily accessible. 

Where is the Best Place to Stay in Valencia (Old Town)?

El Carmen is the best neighborhood within the Old Town. Fetén Hotel is a great option for most travelers, but read through this guide to see options for other types of travelers. 

Where is the Best Place to Stay in Valencia (Near Beach)?

For a beach-centric stay, consider El Cabanyal. You’ll have the Mediterranean Sea at your doorstep, with a vibrant beach atmosphere. Las Arenas Balneario is a luxury resort that will help you make the most of your beach paradise. 

Where is the Best Place to Stay in Valencia (for Nightlife)?

Russafa is renowned for its lively nightlife. With numerous bars, cafes, and cultural venues, it’s the go-to neighborhood for those seeking evening entertainment. Petit Palace is a great mid-priced option, with several hostels available as well. 

Is Valencia a Walkable City?

Absolutely! Valencia is a walkable city, especially in the Old Town and central areas. Most attractions are within reasonable walking distance of each other. The exceptions are the City of Arts and Sciences and the Beach, where public transport is preferred to make the most of your time. 

How Far from Valencia Old Town to Beach?

The distance from the Old Town to the beach, particularly El Cabanyal, is around 3 kilometers (1.86 miles). I highly recommend taking the bus or the metro to get here. 

Need help planning your trip to Valencia?

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