Valencia Airport: Things to Know & How to Get to the City Center

The most important thing for any tourist to know: how to get from the Valencia airport to the city center. In this guide, I’ll tell you all your options to get to and from the VLC airport, plus my recommendations on the easiest way. So keep reading to learn the best transport options. 

The Best Way to Get From Valencia Airport to City Center: Metro

Don’t want to read the whole article? Here’s the summary.

The easiest way to get from the Valencia Airport to the city center is via metro. The ticket only costs €4.80. The metro station is on the “Planta 0”, bottom floor of the main airport terminal, and is super easy to find. 

And it takes you directly to the most important metro stops in the city center – Xàtiva and Colón

So for most travelers – that’s my favorite way to get to and from the Valencia Airport. 

But keep reading the article to learn more details about these transport options, as well as some top recommendations. 

VLC Airport

Valencia Airport Metro

The primary airport for Valencia is called Aeroport de València, also called Aeroport de Manises or VLC-Manises,  as it’s technically situated in a small town outside of the city. 

VLC-Manises is only 7 kilometers outside of the city, which makes it easily accessible. 

With direct access to many of the most important connections in Europe (London, Paris, Zurich, Rome, etc) – this relatively small airport sees a lot of use. 

So if you’re planning on visiting Valencia, I highly recommend coming to this airport. It is by far the most convenient option. 

Other Airport Options

If you’re looking to fly into other airports, you do have a couple options. While VLC-Manises is the most convenient option, it’s not the only one. 

Here are some other airports you could fly into:

  • Alacant
  • Castelló 
  • Madrid-Barajas

For Alacant and Castelló, you’ll most likely need to rent a car to get to Valencia. But with Madrid, you can take a high-speed train to take you directly to Valencia. This is an option I’ve chosen a couple times, as many times it can end up being cheaper. 

So it all depends on your budget and your travel priorities. 

How to Get From Valencia Airport to City Center

Now let’s assume you went for the most convenient option and you flew into the Valencia Airport. 

You have a few different options to get from the airport to the city. If you’re starting at the airport, Valencia has a great public transport system – so it’s not difficult at all. 

Let’s go look through all your options. 


  • Cost: €4.80 per person
  • Duration: Approximately 20-25 minutes
  • Convenience: Very
  • Location: Terminal T1, Floor 0, Inside the airport. 

This is my top recommendation for travelers to the airport. Valencia has a great metro system that takes you directly to and from the airport. 

After getting your bags, just follow the signs for the metro. It will either say “Metro” or it will have a square with a lower-case “m”. 

The station is directly underneath the arrivals terminal, so it’s really simple to get to. You don’t even need to leave the airport.  

You can buy your ticket directly at the red machines or at the help desk. A one-way ticket AB+ (senzill) will cost €4.80, although you will need to purchase a €1 reusable card to load your trip onto. 

You can add multiple tickets onto the one card, so you don’t need to buy multiple if traveling in a group. 

From there, scan your card to head through the turnstiles. You have two options for lines: 3 (red) or 5 (green)

Both will take you directly to Colón and Xàtiva stations, which are the most centric. But make sure you check the map to see which station is the best option for you. 

The only downside to the metro – it can get a bit crowded during peak hours. So if you’re traveling with lots of luggage, that can be inconvenient. 

Valencia Airport Taxi

  • Cost: Around €20
  • Duration: 20-25 minutes, more if there is a lot of traffic 
  • Convenience: The most comfortable option 
  • Location: Outside, both terminals, at the taxi stands. 

The Valencia airport Taxi is definitely the most comfortable choice for travelers. You get a clean, safe, and simple way to get to your accommodation. 

Taxis are regulated by the government, so they have fixed rates that are posted on the website and on the inside of the vehicle. You can usually find plenty of taxis waiting outside the arrivals terminal. 

It generally costs around €20 for a trip to the city center, but it varies depending on the exact location and time of day. The minimum rate for a taxi beginning at the airport is €12.50. Then every kilometer is a little more than 1 euro. 

So since Valencia is about 7km away, it ends up being approximately €20. 

You can pay in cash or with card. 

You can also reserve a Cabify (similar to Uber). If you’d like to make a reservation, I find it easier to use their app, rather than calling the taxi company. Especially if you don’t speak Valencian or Spanish!

Important: you do NOT need to tip. 


  • Cost: €1.45
  • Duration: 45-50 minutes
  • Convenience: The least convenient option 
  • Location: Terminal T1, Floor 0, Outside, on the sidewalk by Arrivals

If you are a budget traveler, then taking the bus at the Valencia airport is the best option. 

The buses that you use to get to/from the airport are called “MetroBus”. These are large yellow buses that connect the airport with several small towns and the center of Valencia. 

You’ll want to head to the bus station outside and hop on Line 150. 

You’ll need to pay the driver in cash

There are some spaces to leave your luggage, but not a whole lot. So if you’re coming with a lot of luggage, this is a bit inconvenient. 

The other downside is that it is the longest form of transport. It passes through a couple small towns before heading to the Valencia city center. So it will take some time, especially if there is traffic. 

But it’s also the cheapest option, so it’s great for budget travelers! 

Private Transfers

  • Cost: €40-60
  • Duration: 30 minutes 
  • Convenience: Very comfortable and convenient 
  • Location: In arrivals

If you want a more luxurious travel style, you can never go wrong with arranging a private transfer!

In these cases, you’ll have someone waiting for you in arrivals with a sign as soon as you pass through the gate. 

For private transfers from the Valencia Airport, I usually recommend Kiwitaxi.

 They’re the most reliable brand to book with if you haven’t already arranged pickup with your hotel. 

Rent a car

  • Cost: €100+
  • Duration: 30 minutes 
  • Convenience: Great if you visit other cities, too 
  • Location: In the arrivals area 

The last option – rent a car and drive from the airport. Valencia does have a lot of traffic, so I usually only recommend this option if you’re planning on visiting other towns and cities as well. 

You can pick up your rental car directly from the airport, so it’s a great option if you want to fully explore the Valencia Country! 

To do so, you’ll just follow signs in the airport for the rental car agencies. There are plenty of signs as soon as you leave the baggage area. 

How to Get from City Center to Valencia Airport

Now, let’s go the opposite direction. 

Let’s say you’re in the Ciutat Vella, and you need to get to the airport. What are your options? 

Well, luckily you have plenty! Let’s go through all of them! 


The metro is a very comfortable and easy way to get to the airport. Valencia has a relatively expansive metro system, so you can get there quite easily. 

You’ll need to go to a metro station that has either Lines 3 or 5. In the city center, the most common ones are Xàtiva and Colón. Check the official site for the specific station that works best for you. 

Once inside, make sure to purchase your ticket. It must have coverage for AB+. 

One-way tickets to the airport will cost €4.80 per person

The trip takes around 20-25 minutes, so it’s a very convenient option if you plan ahead. 

Taxi or Cabify

Taxis and Cabify are one of the most convenient options to get to the airport. Valencia has plenty of taxis, and they are generally quite clean and safe. 

So even if you’re a solo traveler, taxis are a great option. 

You can find taxis on the main avenues. There are also a few taxi stands at the City Hall Square and at the Train Station. 

However, if you’re like me – you probably want to make sure you have one booked ahead of time. 

You can either call the taxi company to order one, or you can schedule a pickup through Cabify

I tend to use this second option. Especially for early morning flights. It’s convenient, and a no-stress way of making sure you get to the airport on time!


The Valencia airport company, AENA, has partnered with the transport infrastructure to provide a low-cost option to get to the airport. 

From the city center, you can hop on one of the yellow MetroBuses (Line 150) to go get to the airport for €1.45

It’s a very affordable option – but it’s also the longest and most inconvenient. It takes almost an hour to get there, as the bus will also pass through smaller towns first. 

But if you want the cheapest option possible, then this is the way to go! The photo above lists all the bus stops where the MetroBus Line 150 passes by.

Private Transfers

Just like heading from the airport, you can always book a private transfer for your way there. 

To book a private transfer to the Valencia airport, I suggest using Kiwitaxi

To be fair, I don’t recommend this option for the way to the airport. It ends up being more expensive than a Cabify, and the quality isn’t considerably higher. 

While it’s a great option to get from the Valencia airport to the city center, I don’t think it’s worth the extra price point for the other way around. 

So if you love private transfers – then go for it! But otherwise, I’d go with the other options in this case. 


You can also drive to the Valencia airport from the city. There is plenty of parking, and it isn’t super expensive, either. 

If you need to drop someone off at the airport (or pick them up), then you can park directly at the airport. 

The P1 parking lot is right next to the terminals, so it’s a very convenient option. It’s also not super expensive if you’re only parking for a couple hours. 

You’ll just get a ticket printed out, and you’ll need to pay this ticket at the machines before getting back in your car

But if you’re planning on leaving your car here for a trip, then it will likely be much more expensive. In this case, you can check out AENA’s Client Club for some discounts. But personally – I’ve never done this, as it tends to be more expensive than it’s worth (in my opinion). 

Important Things to Know

To finish off this guide to the Valencia airport, let me give you some of my top tips to make sure you have a smooth travel experience. 

Make sure you read through these considerations before choosing which form of transport to take!

Prices vary by time

For taxis, private transfers, and rental cars – the time makes all the difference. Taxis that have to run late at night or early in the morning will be a few euros more expensive. 

Buses and metro trips will always remain the same price. However, make sure to check that they’re running when you need them! 

Valencia airport is relatively small

The airport at Valencia only has two terminals, so it’s not difficult to find your way around. 

And even though the city is the 3rd largest in Spain, the airport is only the 7th-busiest. 

This means that it’s a pretty smooth, stress-free experience for most travelers. You only need to get to the Airport around 1.5 hours beforehand for international flights. If you have to check in lots of luggage at the busiest time of the day – then two hours is plenty. 

VLC Airport is in Manises, not Alacant

Just a quick clarification for anyone looking for flights. 

The airport closest to the city of Valencia is called Valencia-Manises (VLC). This is because it’s actually located in the small town of Manises, just outside the capital city. 

However, the airports at Alacant and Castelló are each more than an hour away by car. 

I mention this because The Valencia Country is made up of 3 provinces: Castelló, València, and Alacant. So the other airports are also within a territory known as the Valencia Country/The Valencian Community/Valencia. 

So make sure you’re paying attention to which airport you’re booking! 

Important note: The Valencia in Venezuela also has an important airport, so make sure you’re booking Valencia, SPAIN. 

Valencia is very walkable

Overall, the city is quite walkable. I mention this because if you’re traveling with just a backpack, it’s quite easy to get around

So if your accommodation isn’t directly in the center, it’s not hard to take the metro and head there on foot afterwards. 

This is usually what I do when I travel. I live a little less than 10 minutes away from the Àngel Guimerà Metro Station, so I typically just walk to the metro, even if I have one suitcase. 

Of course if you have accessibility concerns, then you’ll know what is best for you. But for most travelers, don’t feel like you need to take a taxi just because there isn’t a metro right in front of your hotel. 

Russafa is a bit farther away from the center

This bounces off the last tip. 

Russafa is one of the most popular areas of the city. But it’s not the best connected part. The metro from the airport doesn’t have a direct connection, so you’ll have to either make a transfer or walk from the Xàtiva station. 

So it’s important to consider that if you’re staying in Russafa. If you have lots of luggage, or you know you’ll be super tired, it might be worth taking a taxi.

Extra resources for the airport

Valencia has plenty of things to offer – one of them being a great public transport system. So it’s very easy for most travelers to get to and from the airport. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! I’m always happy to help a fellow traveler. 

But if you’re planning your trip to Valencia, here are some extra resources that might help out:


How far is Valencia airport from city center?

The Valencia airport is 7 kilometers (4.3 mi) from the city center. It is located in the town of Manises, just outside the city’s borders. 

How much does it cost to get to the city center from Valencia airport?

It costs €4.80 by metro, around €20 by taxi, and €1.45 by bus to get to and from the Valencia airport. You also have private transfer options at varying rates, around €40+. 

Is it easy to get to the VLC Airport from the center?

It is very easy to get to the VLC Airport from the center of Valencia. 

Does Valencia airport have a metro?

Yes, there is a metro station directly inside the Valencia airport. 

Where do I pick up the Valencia Tourist Card at the airport?

There are machines/digital kiosks where you can type in your confirmation code and pick up your Valencia Tourist Card. It is directly in the arrivals area, close to the elevators.

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