11 Free Things to Do in Valencia (Spain, 2024)

Let’s talk about some of the best free things to do in Valencia. Because whether you’re traveling on a budget – or you’re just looking for a cheap way to spend the day in Valencia, here are my top suggestions. 

The Best Things to do in Valencia for Free

Like many European cities, Valencia is full of UNESCO World Heritage sites, beautiful architecture, and a laid-back vibe. 

And you shouldn’t feel like you need to spend a ton of money to enjoy your holiday. Valencia has tons of free things to do, so you should take advantage of that! 

While some of the paid options (like Oceanogràfic, the Cathedral, etc.) are all amazing things to do – it’s entirely possible to spend a day in Valencia without paying for anything other than food. 

So here are my top 11 suggestions for free things to do in Valencia. 

Explore the Jardins del Túria

This is one of my favorite suggestions – and a free activity I enjoy at least once a week

The Turia Gardens are the old riverbed that splits the city in half. With around 12 km of gardens, you could easily spend an entire morning walking around. 

So here are a few ideas for free things to do in the Turia Gardens:

  • Walk to the City of Arts and Sciences
  • Grab a takeaway lunch and have a picnic
  • Go for a jog (you might see me!)
  • Explore the Parc de Capçalera
  • Go for a bike ride  

Go up the Torres dels Serrans

Note: This activity is free on Sundays and on holidays. 

This is by far one of the best things to do in Valencia for free. Head over to the Torres dels Serrans or the Torres de Quart and climb up the medieval stairs. 

At the top of these enormous towers, you’ll get a view of the entire city center

These two towers are the last-remaining remnants of the old city walls, so it gives you a sneak peek into the history of Valencia. 

This is a can’t-miss activity whenever friends come to visit me, so it comes highly recommended. And if you can’t visit on a Sunday, it only costs around €2 the rest of the week

Check out the Mercat Central

One of the best examples of Modernist Valencian Architecture – The Central Market. This is one of the largest food markets in Europe and is jam-packed with local food stalls, small restaurants, and other shops. 

You don’t have to buy anything in here when you visit – but it’s a great place for a cheap snack! 

When you go in, I suggest walking to the center and looking at the ceiling. There are mosaic decorations that are typical in Valencia. You’ll also the 4 seasons, as well as the fresh produce that is harvested in each season. 

The Mercat Central (translated as Mercado Central in Spanish) also has a restaurant by the Michelin-Star Chef Ricard Camarena – The Central Bar. 

But this small spot is known for having gourmet food at very reasonable prices. So if you want to indulge just a bit, this is a good restaurant for a tapa. 

🍽️ Check here for all the best restaurants in Valencia. 

See La Llotja

Note: This activity is only free on Sundays and holidays. Ticket prices are €2 the rest of the week.

This is my favorite destination in Valencia. La Llotja de la Seda (The Silk Exchange) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Built in the 15th century, this used to be the seat of economic power during the golden age of the Kingdom of Valencia. 

And when you walk in – you can tell

It’s an enormous market with spiraling columns, golden ceilings, and a quaint orange patio garden. 

So that’s why this is one of my favorite free things to do in Valencia! 

Wander La Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències

The City of Arts and Sciences is one of the most emblematic sights in Valencia. This modern complex is made up of several buildings:

  • An opera house
  • An IMAX theater
  • A science museum
  • An events building
  • Europe’s largest aquarium

And while visiting the inside isn’t free, you can walk around the area

In fact, you definitely should come spend some time in the area. You’ll see people walking around, people having picnics, and in the summer, they have free open-air concerts.

The City of Arts and Sciences is located at the end of the Turia Gardens, so it’s a perfect way to make sure you’re getting your steps in! 

Lay Out on the Beach

This is the best part about Valencia being a Mediterranean city. 

If you don’t want to spend a cent – go chill at the beach! 

The Malva-rosa beach is enormous, so you can go swim, get a tan, play volleyball, or just walk around! 

It’s a bit further away from the city center, but if you’re spending a few days in Valencia, it’s a good way to spend the morning. Plus, you can check out the Cabanyal neighborhood. It’s a traditional coastal town that is now part of the city. 

Need helping getting to the beach? Check out my public transport guide

Search for Street Art

Here’s another free activity in Valencia. El Carme is full of street art throughout its winding and hidden streets. 

And there are some seriously impressive murals that paint the city. 

So if you’re a fan of art, go get lost in La Ciutat Vella in the search of street art. 

Go in the oldest church

Sant Joan de l’Hospital is the oldest church in Valencia – built in 1238

This is also one of the only Romanesque-style churches in the city. This means that it has an austere, but humbling feeling to it. 

It’s an actual Templar church, so if you’re interested in history, it’s definitely a unique thing to do

So if you don’t want to spend any money going to the other churches in the city, this is a fun and free alternative. 

Play at Gulliver’s Park

If you’re traveling with kids – this is the best thing to do in Valencia for free. 

Near the City of Arts and Sciences, you’ll find El Parc Gulliver. This is an enormous representation of Jonathon Swift’s famous novel, Gulliver’s Travels. 

Here, you see Gulliver pinned down to the ground, and you and the kids become the Lilliputians. Gulliver’s hair and clothes become a giant slide, and you get to climb up his arms. 

It’s one of the most unique parks I’ve ever been to. So if you’re traveling with kids, it’s a super fun way to spend the afternoon. Plus – it’s completely free, and has a small refreshments area. 

Head into the City Hall

Not many people know this, but you can actually go inside the City Hall for free. And there are tons of things to see, as well! 

From the Crystal Hall to the history museum, it’s absolutely worth the visit. 

This is one of my favorite things to do in Valencia for free. Especially because you’re able to head outside onto the balcony for free as well

So if you’re looking for a great spot to take that perfect selfie, this is the place to go! 

Note: They’re only open Monday–Friday from 8–3, with reduced hours in August. 

Walk Around the Plaçes

Whether you’re on a budget or not, this is one of the best things to do. Take some time to explore the historic city center and enjoy the gorgeous squares. 

I recommend going on a quick route to see all the different plaçes:

  • Plaça de l’Ajuntament
  • Plaça del Mercat
  • Plaça Redona 
  • Plaça de la Reina
  • Plaça de la Mare de Deu dels Desemparats
  • Plaça de Manises 

It’s one of the best free things to do in Valencia. You get a quick run-down of some of the most famous monuments and sights. 

And if you’re tired by the end of it, you can finish by walking to the Plaça del Negret and get a drink at one of the trendy bars! 

Other cheap things to do in Valencia

So if you have a bit of money to spend, but you don’t want to go crazy, here’s a few options. Let’s talk about some relatively cheap things to do in Valencia: 

Book a “Free” Tour

You can book a Free Tour to explore the city. But there’s a catch. 

It’s not so much free, as it is “pay what you like”. 

Because it’s free to sign up, but at the end of the tour – the guide will politely suggest leaving a tip. 

It’s still one of the most affordable ways to get a tour of the city, but it certainly isn’t free. I recommend leaving between 5–10 euros per person, depending on how much you liked the tour and how many people there are. 

Eat an esmorzaret

These days, eating out anywhere is getting pretty expensive. So food is definitely going to be one of the biggest factors on your travel budget. 

But Valencia has a strong tradition of the esmorzaret. This is a mid-morning meal (around 11) that usually consists of a sandwich (un entrepà), some olives or peanuts, and a drink. 

In traditional cafes/bars, you can get a good one for around 4–5€. Anything more than 7€ is considered expensive. 

So if you avoid the biggest streets in the center and wander until you find a good bar, you’ll be able to get a traditional and filling meal for super cheap! 

Day trips

If you want to go around and explore the area, there are lots of places nearby that you can get to without spending a lot of money. 

Here are some options:

  • Ride a bike to l’Albufera 
  • Take the train to Xàtiva, Cullera, or Gandia 
  • Go on a bus to Montanejos (spring lake & hiking trails) 

There are plenty of fun day trips you can take. So all of these can be some great options for cheap activities if you’re in Valencia for at least 5 days


Most of the museums in Valencia are super cheap. Most of them aren’t free activities, but they also aren’t expensive at all.

You can expect to pay around 2–3€ to go into any of the museums. And many of these museums are free on Sundays, as well! 

Here are a few suggestions for museums to visit:

  • L’IVAM (Museum of Modern Art)
  • Museu de Belles Arts (Art Museum)
  • L’Etnològic (Ethnological Museum)
  • Palau de Dosaigües (Ceramics Museum in a historic Palace)

There really are dozens of interesting museums in the city. But these are some of my favorite (and inexpensive) ones! 

Tips for Valencia on a budget

So besides planning for free things to do in Valencia, let’s talk about ways to stretch that travel budget. 

You can visit Valencia without spending too much money (if you know how). So here are some of my top tips to travel to the city on a budget:

  • Find accommodation early, and away from the city center. Check out my guide on where to stay for some suggestions. 
  • Try a hostel. This is a great option for solo travelers! Go ahead and look at my guide on Hostels if you’ve never been to one before. 
  • Don’t come during high season. This includes Les Falles and the summer months. 
  • Get takeaway food. Kebabs, supermarket food, and cooking for yourself are all great ways to save some money on food. 
  • Get the Valencia Tourist Card. If you’re going to spend on some big attractions, this usually helps you save money! 
  • Avoid the tourist traps. A lot of the restaurants in the city center are tourist traps. Don’t be afraid to wander off and find some spots that are off the beaten path. 

Make your reservations early!

Of course, the best way to save money when visiting Valencia is by booking everything early. 

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➡️ Here’s how to find cheaper accommodation

I hope this guide to the best free things to do in Valencia was helpful! While prices have definitely been rising the last few years, it’s still much cheaper to visit than Madrid or Barcelona. 

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!

Bon viatge! 


What are the best free things to do in Valencia?

These are the top things to do in Valencia for free:
Jardins del Turia
Torres dels Serrans
La Llotja
The City Hall
City of Arts and Sciences
Malva-rosa beach
Gulliver Park
San Juan del Hospital
Plaçes (Squares)
Street Art
Mercat Central

Is Valencia expensive to visit?

Valencia is cheaper to visit when compared to Madrid or Barcelona. It has been getting more expensive over the last few years, but it still affordable for most travelers. 

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