The 10 Best Day Trips From Valencia

Don’t limit yourself to just the capital, here are 10 day trips from Valencia that are sure to impress! From beach trips to medieval castles – here are a ton of one-day excursions you can go on to continue exploring the Valencian Country. Plus, most of these are easily accessible by train, so it’s doable for anybody! 

How to Go on a Valencia Day Trip

Heading out on a day trip from Valencia is actually pretty simple! Public transport options are overall pretty good. And if there isn’t an easy public option, everything on this list is easily accessible by car OR by hiring a tour guide. 

So for the majority of travelers – everything on this list is accessible.

To go on a Valencia day trip, the best option is usually to take a train, as it’s super affordable and connected to the city center. However, if you want some more flexibility, renting a car is always a great option. 

Before diving into the top 10 best Valencia day trips, here are a few resources to help you:

10 Best Day Trips from Valencia

To be honest, there are dozens of places you can go within the Valencian Country. From medieval towns to amazing beaches, the options are practically limitless. 

And that’s coming from someone that’s lived here for 6+ years and is STILL finding new things to explore. 

But here are my top 10 day trips from Valencia. 

I chose these 10 based on:

  • Impact (how cool they are to see)
  • Transport options (how easy it is to get there)
  • Affordability
  • Variety (so there’s something for everyone!)


Entrance to the Xàtiva castle

I think Xàtiva is one of the best day trip options from Valencia. You can take a local train and get there in less than an hour – for less than €10 for a roundtrip. 

Xàtiva has huge historical importance. It’s the birthplace of two popes, was briefly the capital of Valencia, and was one of the most important academic centers of the Arab world thanks to paper industry in the 12th century.

The castle – which originally began construction in the 3rd century BC, still remains. It’s a great way to see how all of the different cultures that lived in the area have left its mark over the years. 

So here’s what you should see on your day trip to Xàtiva:

  • The Xàtiva Castle 
  • La Seu (The Basilica)
  • Sant Pere Church
  • The Historic Center
  • Hospital Reial
  • Plaça del Mercat
  • Museo de l’Almodí

And if you’re a fan of history – keep an eye out for any paintings that are upside down. Any paintings of King Philip V are always hung upside down in Xàtiva. 

Travel Details & How to Get There:


Take the train at the Estació del Nord. These are local trains that run regularly, about once every 30 minutes. 

The prices for these trains are also consistent, so you don’t need to book far in advance. 

You can buy the ticket directly at the Kiosk at the Estació del Nord if you want. You can also buy them in advance from Omio, although it’ll be €1 more expensive.  


The train lasts 45 minutes. Visiting everything in the list above should take you a full day, with the castle lasting around two hours. 


Visiting the Castell de Xàtiva costs €6 per person and will take a couple hours. You’ll need to walk up the path to the castle, but there’s also a bus that leaves from the Plaça Espanyoleto. 


The Chulilla hiking trail is one of the best day trips from Valencia. If you’re looking to get out into nature, explore some natural wonders, and enjoy impressive views – then this is it. 

Chulilla is famous for its hanging bridges that connect the two sides of a large gorge. With the river Turia flowing beneath it, it makes for a breathtaking hiking trip. 

The actual trail will take around 4 hours in total, so it’s a great way to spend a full morning away from the city. The only downside is that there isn’t a lot of reliable public transport to get there. Instead, you’ll want to either rent a car or join a tour bus – both of which are great options. 

So if you’re looking to see some nature – this is the choice for you. 

Travel Details & How to Get There:


Rent a car and head northwest on CV-35 towards Chulilla. It’s a relatively straight drive and shouldn’t take you too long.

If you hire a tour bus, make sure to check the ticket to see the pickup location within Valencia. 


Chulilla is about 45 minutes away from Valencia. The Hanging Bridges excursion will take about 3–4 hours, although you can make it shorter if you only do part of it. 


There is a €1 entrance fee to the trail that goes towards upkeep. The tour bus tickets may change depending on the number of people. 


Inside the Borgia Palace in Gandia

Gandia is another great option for anybody that wants to have some beach time while also exploring a different city. 

The city is known for its beaches, boardwalk, and relaxed vibe. There’s also an old Borgia Palace that makes for an excellent history lesson! 

Here’s what to see:

  • Palau Ducal dels Borja
  • La Seu de Gandia (The Cathedral)
  • El Grau (The Port)
  • Platja de l’Auir (The beach)

It’s a quaint city that’s definitely worth the visit. Especially if you’re in Valencia around 5 days

Travel Details & How to Get There:


Take the train at the Estació del Nord. These are local trains that run regularly, about once every 30 minutes. 

The prices for these trains are also consistent, so you don’t need to book far in advance. 

You can buy the ticket directly at the Kiosk at the Estació del Nord if you want. You can also buy them in advance from Omio, although it’ll be €1 more expensive.  


The train lasts 35 minutes. 


Visiting the Borgia Palace costs around €8

You can also hire a cruise if you’d like to spend the day on the water. These are as low as €15. 

Get the cruise tickets here. 


Sagunto is another great option if you want to see ancient ruins, castles, and a Roman theater. This town is only about 30 minutes away from Valencia and easily accessible by train or car. 

It’s divided into the old town and port. For most people, I’d recommend sticking to the old town and seeing all of the monuments – but the port is also great if you want to spend some time by the water. 

Here’s what to see in Sagunt:

  • Sagunt Castle
  • Roman Theater
  • The Jewish Quarters
  • Via del Pòrtic 

Sagunt has a lot of history – so enjoy your time exploring all of the archeological sites. Sagunt probably isn’t on the top of my list, but it’s one of the closest options to see a castle near Valencia! 

Travel Details & How to Get There:


Take the train at the Estació del Nord. These are local trains that run regularly, about once every 20 minutes. 

The prices for these trains are also consistent, so you don’t need to book far in advance. 

You can buy the ticket directly at the Kiosk at the Estació del Nord if you want. You can also buy them in advance from Omio, although it’ll be €1 more expensive.  


The train lasts 25–30 minutes


Visiting the Castell de Sagunt is completely free! The Roman Theater is also free, so this is one of the best low-cost day trips from Valencia. 


Me at the Montanejos Springs – La Font dels Banys

Montanejos is another one of my favorite places to go out into nature! Just west of Castelló de la Plana, you get to enjoy the mountains and an enormous spring that is perfect for swimming. 

So whether you want to walk around enjoy some hiking trails or just lay out by the water – this is one of the best options to do so. Although it does get a bit crowded in summer, it’s definitely worth the visit. 

The town itself is relatively small, but there are lots of local bars and artisanal shops that are worth checking out as well. 

If you want to get out into nature – but you want really easy trails and quick access to water – this is the choice for you. 

Travel Details & How to Get There:


To get to Montanejos, you’ll want to either rent a car or book a tour. There isn’t any reliable public transport, except for buses that take several hours to get there. 

However, there are many tour buses that leave from Valencia, and it’s a relatively affordable trip! 


The drive there last about 1hr 15 mins. Most of the trails only take about an hour or so, and the walk to the spring would only take about 15 minutes. 


To access the trails and the Font dels Banys (Fuente de los Baños in Spanish), it costs €3

If you book a tour, the entry ticket price is included. 

Port Sa Platja

Want to spend your day at the beach without going too far? Then Port Sa Platja is the perfect choice. 

With spacious beaches, lively boardwalks, and colorful rows of buildings – it’s a quaint town just barely outside of Valencia. Some people even call it the Valencian “Little Venice”.

You’ll want to spend the day on the beach and just exploring the lovely neighborhoods. It’s technically part of Alboraia, but this neighborhood gets its own name. 

The name in Valencian means “The Beach Port” Some people will also call this area “Port Saplaya”, which is… a weird Spanish-ized version where they only translated ⅓ of the name for some reason 🤷

Travel Details & How to Get There:


To get here, you’ll want to take the bus. There are two intercity buses you can take: L112A and L112B. 

You’ll need to switch bus lines once if you’re coming from the city center – but if you follow my bus guide or Google Maps – you’ll have no problem. 


The bus will take around 40 minutes in total if you’re coming from La Ciutat Vella. 


Visiting the town is completely free. You only need to pay for bus tickets and any food you buy. 


If you’ve had enough adventuring, and you just want to spend the day in a Mediterranean winery – I got you. 

You’ll want to head over to Requena. This town (and its neighbor Utiel) are super famous for their wines. And since it’s easily accessible via public transport… well, you have no excuse not to go to a wine tasting!

The town itself is cute as well. So besides a wine tour, you can also feel cultured. Here’s what you should see in Requena:

  • Santa María Temple
  • Iglesia del Salvador
  • Cuevas de la Villa
  • Torre Fortaleza
  • Palacio del Cid

This makes it the perfect town to enjoy some medieval sites and some of the best wine in Valencia! 

Travel Details & How to Get There:


Requena is about 50 minutes away by car, so you can rent one if you’d like. 

With public transport, you can take the C3 train from the Estació del Nord. The train takes about an hour and a half. But this is the easiest and most affordable option. 


The train lasts 45 minutes. 


You don’t need any tickets to visit the town itself or to explore some of the medieval monuments. But you do need to book your wine tour in advance.


The Parc Natural de l’Albufera is one of the easiest day trips to make from Valencia. Most of it technically belongs to the city – so you don’t have to go too far! 

This ecological wonder has both environmental and cultural importance to Valencia. It’s a freshwater lake just next to the coast which has allowed fisherman and rice farmers to harvest for centuries. 

In fact – it’s one of the reasons why paella exists in the first place!

There’s multiple options to visit this area. You can get here by bus and go on a boat tour. Or you can ride your bike here and see the beaches on the way. You can rent a car and stop at multiple viewpoints. 

No matter what you decide to do — this is the perfect place to get some authentic paella and try other traditional dishes. 

So even if you only have 3 days in Valencia, this is a great option to explore. 

Travel Details & How to Get There:


You can visit parts of l’Albufera by taking bus lines 24 or 25 from the Porta del Mar near the center. This costs €1.50 for each trip. 

You can also rent a car to explore the area yourself. 

Another option is to rent a bike and spend the morning on a pleasant bike ride. 

And the easiest (but most expensive) option is to book a tour! This is a great way to get your transportation, food, and sightseeing covered in one ticket!


  • Bus: 30 minutes to get there
  • Car: 15 minutes to get there
  • Bike: 1.5 hours to get there
  • Visiting l’Albufera: around 1.5 hours, depending on how in depth you go. 


You can pay for the bus tickets in person – make sure to read my guide on Valencia’s bus system. 


View from the gardens at the Peniscola castle.

Peniscola is a must-visit, especially if you’re spending some extra time in Valencia. A medieval castle, tons of history, beautiful beaches, and a fortified area with Game of Thrones-esque gardens – it’s the perfect way to spend a day! 

This medieval city is known for its impressive views and tasty seafood. So while you’re here, you’ll do plenty of exploring and get all the energy you need!

Here’s what to see in Peniscola:

  • Castell de Peniscola 
  • Pensicola Lighthouse
  • La Casa de les Petxines
  • Església de l’Ermitana
  • Parc d’Artilleria 
  • All the beaches! 

You can easily spend a full day here, as this coastal town has plenty to offer. So make sure you come with lots of energy to do some exploring! 

Travel Details & How to Get There:


I recommend either renting a car or hiring a private tour. A car is a great option, as you just head north on the AP-7. This gives you the freedom to explore as you please. 

A private tour is a great option if you can’t drive. Plus, they’ll show you all the best places and you don’t have to worry about anything. 

There is a bus that leaves from Valencia, but it takes 3 hours to get there. So I’d only recommend it if you also plan on booking a hotel in the city


It takes an hour and a half to get to Pensicola by car or tour bus from Valencia. 

The tour of the castle will take around 2–3 hours, and it’ll take another 1-2 hours to explore the town. 


Coves de Sant Josep (Cuevas de San José)

If you want a unique experience – here it is. You can go on a tour of the longest underground river in all of Europe

And the best part – it’s completely navigable! Which means you get to go on an underground boat ride. 

This is a great way to spend a few hours exploring this UNESCO-recognized site. The site has huge archeological significance as well – with cave paintings and settlements from the bronze age. 

The trip includes a boat tour, swimming in the river, and a visit to the quaint town. So it’s a great way to spend a full day. And considering it stays a cool 20 C all year round in the caves – this is a perfect escape in the summer. 

Travel Details & How to Get There:


You can rent a car and drive to La Vall d’Uixó, the town where the caves reside.  

There is also an intercity bus line that will take you here (L320A)

However, I generally recommend booking a tour for this trip, as getting here can be complicated and tickets often sell out in advance. 


It takes about 50 minutes to get here by car, or 1.5 hours by bus. 

The caves themselves will take around 2 hours to visit


Other cities to visit

Guadalest – another great day trip from Valencia.

So naturally, the ones above are the best day trips from Valencia in my opinion. For most tourists, they are easily accessible and are definitely worth the visit. 

But that doesn’t mean they’re the only places you can or should see. So if you have plenty of time in Valencia and want to explore more areas nearby, here’s what you should see:

  • Altea
  • Morella
  • Calp
  • Guadalest
  • Illa de Tabarca
  • Bocairent

Valencia Travel Resources

Enjoy your day trip from Valencia! There are plenty of places to explore, and many reasons to keep coming back. From beach towns to medieval castles – there’s something in this list for everyone. 

And if you have any questions – just reach out!

Here are a few more resources to help you plan your trip to Valencia:


What is the best day trip from Valencia?

The best day trip from Valencia is the Coves de Sant Josep, as you can visit it all year round. Xàtiva is a great budget option to see a castle. Port Sa Platja is a great beach option. And l’Albufera is perfect to enjoy some paella. 

What are some day trips from Valencia by train?

You can visit Xàtiva, Sagunt, Gandia, and Requena easily by train  from Valencia. 

What is a day trip from Valencia with kids?

If you’re traveling with kids, a good day trip would be to visit l’Albufera, Gandia, or the Coves de Sant Josep. 

Do I need a car to do a day trip from Valencia?

You do not need a car to do most day trips from Valencia. You can either take public transportation or hire a tour with transportation included if you don’t want to rent a car. 

Need help planning your trip to Valencia?

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